Twitter Ain’t Gonna Find Your Cat

You can put in out on the radio
You can hang it in the shop
You can discuss it with that mate I know
You can shout it at a cop.

You can stick it on a hashtag
I won’t stop you doing that
So long as you just know for sure
Twitter ain’t gonna find your cat.

You can wear a billboard round your neck
Or do ‘Show and Tell’ in class
You can scream it until you’re a wreck
Or tattoo it on your ass

You can get your friends to pass it round
Retweet it til they’re flat.
But I’ll tell you this just one more time
Twitter ain’t gonna find your cat.

Cats will come and cats will go
That’s just a fact of life
And you ain’t ever gonna bring them back
Through no social network site.

So let's get on with both our lives
Don’t worry ‘bout it no more
The cat will show when dawn arrives
Miowin’ at your door.

And even if it’s on the road
And a car made it go splat
It still don’t change the facts of things
Twitter ain’t gonna find your cat.

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