Lyric - Fresh Out of Clever

The moment demanded
A joke of some kind.
When you said you were going away.
But nothing real funny
Jumped into my mind
I’m fresh out of Clever today

You said my inaction
Had ruined your head
Then you waited for something from me
But my witty responses
Were all left unsaid
I'm fresh out of Clever, you see

On a better day
I’d have thrown in a line
I’d have given as good as I got
But today I’ve got nothing
The fault is all mine
My comedic timing’s all shot

So, yeah, I got nothing
Just leave me alone
And close out the door as you go
If you want, you can cut me
Once more to the bone
Cos I’m fresh out of Clever you know.

(Ken Armstrong 2010)

1 comment:

J. C. said...

Wow, a masterpiece. I truly liked it.